Welcome to The Beauty Academy

The Beauty profession is a huge business. Hairstylists and Estheticians are in high demand. Quality beauty technicians are needed by salons and spas all over the country. Financial security can be yours in good times or bad. Every working day millions of people, men and women attend their favorite salons or spas.

They spend millions of dollars on beauty services & the rewards go to those who acquire the styling techniques/Esthetic and nail technologist skills through the best education provided at the Beauty Academy.

The Beauty Academy is registered as a private career college under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005.

- Ontario Hairstyling Schools Association

About Us

The courses and Teacher Training have been designed to thoroughly train each student in the art and sciences of these professions in order that they may obtain gainful employment within the beauty industry.


Hair Styling

We offer a full range of training modules that have been custom suited to the beauty industry and the demands of the public.



Training at The Beauty Academy is focused on the perfection and mastery of face and body care techniques.


Specialty Diploma

The program is designed in a manner that enables the student to develop their abilities to work confidently and efficiently.


Why Choose Us

Our very affordable price with no hidden fees!

You course fees includes all books, equipment, and implements required to successfully complete training in our beautiful schools. You will find no hidden costs and no other school that offers so much to benefit you.

Superior Practical Training

The hours you spend at the school working on real clients equip, and prepare you for the industry. Upon graduation you are fully trained and ready to begin working and taking clients immediately, giving you the upper hand in the hiring process.

Highly Trained and Confident Faculty

Each instructor brings a wealth of industry experience and knowledge to help shape your theory and practical training. You will walk away knowing many different techniques and processes because of the superior training each of our instructors bring to you.


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