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Specialty Diploma

Nail Care and Facial specialist Diploma

10 weeks 300 hrs Program
This program Available at Ottawa Location only.

Students will learn:


Thisprogram teaches the timeless art of manicuring.
Curriculum includes: * Hand and Nail Diseases ** Classic Manicure
*French Manicure * Hand peeling * Hot Oil Treatments & Paraffin Treatments.


This Program teaches the skill of pedicure.
This service is in high demand in the beauty industry. Curriculum includes:
*Foot diseases& disorders * Anatomy of the foot * Classic pedicure * French pedicure


Students will learn hair removal by hot wax, cream wax and hard wax.
Curriculum includes: * Study of hair * Step by step waxing treatments for face and body* Hygiene, Sanitation, and Sterilization.


Course will take you step by step through the facial service. Curriculum includes:* Cleansing manipulations * Facial Treatments * Facial Massage* Histology of the skin ** Product   Information * Advancement and upgrades of your facial technique

Nail Technology Acrylic & Gel Nails:

Nail enhancement has become a booming service. But only Technicians with full knowledge of enhancements will survive. The program is designed in a manner that enables the student to develop their abilities to work confidently and efficiently.

* Nail tips   * U.V. Gel System  * Acrylic liquid / powder system * Electric and manual filing* Nail structure and Disorders * Sanitation and Salon safety.

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