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Professional Barbering Program

We offer an industry leading Professional Barbering training course conducted by experienced barbers. Barbers are in demand. Quality training opportunities are limited. Our course is focused on creating well trained Barbers. We address the fundaments and the advanced techniques for haircuts, shaves and beards.


The Advanced Professional Barbering is available as a bundled course with the Professional Hairstyling Diploma. That provides an affordable cost and is complementary to the Hairstylist Diploma course.
The Professional Barbering is available in a series of course modules that can be taken in stages to elevate your skills and address specific competencies. The starting point is a basic Barbering set of haircuts, followed by more complex cuts. Advanced Barbering to address Line Design/styling, Shaves, Fades and beard trimming and shaping.
Customize your training with the addition of personalized training.
Barber Kit and Manual is recommended. We can provide the kit on request for an additional fee. When at least two courses are purchased, the kit is provided at a reduced cost

Our curriculum includes

Basic Barbering for Haircuts – 70 Hours

Barbering equipment and care/handling, Haircut styles, Techniques for scissors, clippers and combing. Blunt cut, Graduation cut, Uniform layer cut, Classic men’s cut. Sanitization. Customer consultation.

Fade Fundamentals – 7 hours

Intensive workshop to address Fade fundamentals, Low Fade, Medium Fade and Advanced Fades. Head structure and analysis. How to combine styles to create infinite variations. How to get rid of the line.  Blend techniques. Hairline details to compliment the face. Zero skin Fade. Avoiding unforgiving mistakes.  Effective use of the barbering tools. Model is required on day 3. Hair cutting experience required.

Facial and Head Shaves – 7 hours

Service and Shaving fundamentals. Use of safety razor, straight razor and shaver. Sanitization, disinfection, health and safety. Steps for service execution and shaving fundamentals. Face and Head shaves. Includes practice exercises with straight razor and safety razor. Model required on second day.

Beard and Moustache Trims – 7 hours

Beard trims, Chin strap, Narrow fades, Goatee, Van Dyke, Foo Manchu and beard and moustache shaping. Skin and beard treatment. Addressing skin disorders with beards. Product and tools use.

Line Design and Styling- 6 hours

The Line Up, also known as The Edge up is more popular than ever before. Barbers show off their skills and designs. This essentially means that rather than natural hairlines, your barber using clippers will line up and shave straight lines and sharp angles into your forehead, temples, and sideburns and back to create effects. Line styling (Hair Tattooing) is popular – creating original designs and personalized finishes.

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