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Certificate Programs

The Certificate Courses are point based courses that range from 7 to 80 hours in length. These courses are available based on demand. The lead time is generally one month. Several courses are designed as refresher courses that require the previous completion of a Diploma training course – Haircuts Basics, Colour Basics, Advanced Colour. The Barbering Basics course is a pre-requisite to the other Barbering courses like Fades and Lining. The rest of the courses are well designed to add new skills.

Haircuts Basics Refresh – 14 hours

Bring your credentials to a level of excellency. Train with our Specialty Cutting expert. The training standards are designed to enhance your knowledge and refresh your skills, The Hair Cutting course will include- layers to shape the face, C-Sliding technique to create ovement, Over directing for lengths, Texturing for fuller fine hair, Notch cutting for emphasizing softness and off-setting weight lines, Wedge haircuts for dramatic effects to add shape or decrease and offset face shapes, Graduated haircuts and stacked cutting at an angle of less then 90 degree, Blunt cuts and Bobs with perfect weight lines, Asymmetrical hairstyles for a variety and combination of different lengths and Short and Sassy styles with flair.

Colour Basics – 14 hours

The coloring experts will coach you in a two-day course to give you all the fundamental knowledge to build on your hair coloring skills. The expert colorist will explain the basic principles needed for hair coloring. Colour theory incl. colour wheel, underlying pigment, toning/neutralizing. Formulating grey coverage, lighteners, tips and tricks. Hands on root touch up, basic foils (incl. tightness to scalp, saturation and slippage). 

Advanced Colour – 14 hours

The art/science of lightening (predictable lightening services, application and formulation tips and strategies, differences in Balayage techniques/patterns). Hands on Balayage technique (time effective application). Toning and drop root knowledge.

Microdermabrasion – 22 hours

Understanding Microdermabrasion, Treatment Protocol, Different Apparatus and Applications of Microdermabrasion, Use of Corundum Crystals

Electrolysis – 35 hours

Histology and structure of the hair, Biological Causes of Hair Growth, Modalities of Electrolysis, Filaments Information, Bacteriology and Sterilization, Electricity, Neurology an Angiology, Dermatology, Practical Application and Techniques, Integrity in Electrolysis

Laser Hair Removal – 28 Hours

Laser and light technologies, Hair removal, photo-rejuvenation, pigmentation and vascular. Interaction of laser light with tissue. Modes of laser and IPL operation and specification. Clinical results of laser hair removal – different types of Laser available. 

Micro Needling – 21 hours

Micro Needling is an Advanced Antiaging Device that uses High Intensity focused RF (Radio Frequency) Technology to deliver on unparalleled outcomes. This course provides the theory, instruction and practical hands-on experience with our in-house equipment.

Microblading – 21 hours

This program is an in-depth training provided with the following included, introduction to microblading, layers of the skin, face symmetry & eyebrow measuring. Client consultation and assessments, indication and contraindications along with pre and post treatment care. Procedure protocols touch ups and sanitation and sterilization.  Hands on practical Instructor will demonstrate the stroke techniques, client consultation and preparation.  Application, healing, and prevention of pigment loss.  Practice with live models to teach the prevention of eyebrow colour change and non-surgical eyebrow removal.  Fixing errors and camouflaging. 

Oxygeneo 3 in 1 Super Facial – 14 hours

Harnesses the BOHR effect to oxygenate the skin from within the body. Exfoliate, Oxygenate and Nourish. Tripollar RF Skin Tightening and Ultrasound infusion. Service theory, assessment. Facial and body treatment.

*Prerequisite required is the Facial Specialist course

Waxing Course –21 hours

This course provides theory, knowledge and step by step procedures, safe and effective temporary hair removal, in all arears of the face and body. Theory of wax will cover bacteriology and sanitation, anatomy of the hair and contraindications.  Client consultation, pre and post instructions for after care.  Student will learn how to perform Brazilian waxing, different positioning of clients, based on the body size and skin elasticity. Practice opportunities available, (3models are required) training also includes customer service and hot to promote new clientele and client retention.

Sugar Waxing – 14 hours  

This class will teach the art and theory of safely and effectively removing facial and body hair using an all-natural permanent method of hair removal.  Learn the benefits and professional technique using Sugaring and how this can be an alternative to traditional hair removal.  Using a paste of sugar, water, and lemon juice the hair is removed effortlessly from the face and body.  The curriculum includes:  Theory on hair growth stages and cycles, sanitation, and health regulations, pre and post care.  Practical experience using firm and regular sugar pates. 

The top Sugaring solution available in North America – Alexandria Professional is used in this course. This industry leading product is safer, has zero chances of burning and is 100% sanitary and hygienic. The course covers how to correctly remove unwanted hair using the Kennedy TheoryR for hair removal and skin conditioning with the 6 Steps to Achieve Perfect Sugaring Technique

Facial Specialist – 35 hours

This curriculum will provide the student with training on 12 cleansing manipulations, histology of the skin, bacteriology and sanitation, cell structure and disorders and diseases of the skin. Courses also teaches skin types and how to perform extractions.  Student will study structure of the skin, and product knowledge. Practical knowledge will be provided to the student using our latest equipment and updated machines and high frequency. Student’s will be introduced different types of facials, such as acne facial rosacea facial, and superficial chemical peels and eye treatments. Complete study of full facial massage with emphasis on different massage movements of the face.  

Manicure Course – 15 hours

This Program will give the student the Knowledge and ability to give a successful manicure. The student will learn classic manicure, French manicure, Spa manicure. Anatomy of the hand and paraffin treatment. Techniques and use of implements and hand and arm massage.

Chemical Peels – 21 hours

Program designed for professionals who already hold an Esthetician Diploma. Our training equips you with the knowledge and skills to perform various types of chemical peels, addressing a wide range of skin conditions from anti-aging to acne and pigmentation issues.

Eye Lash Extensions – 14 hours

Learn how to apply eyelash extensions. This is a popular new service for creating longer and thicker eyelashes. The eyelashes are extended by applying a combination of faux mink and silk lashes directly onto existing natural eyelashes, one lash at a time. This program combines both theory and practical application. Students can practice on each other and models to experience both. Topics covered include- sanitization and safety, client consultation, contraindications and application, fill and removal of lashes

Pedicure Course – 15 hours

This program teaches the skill of pedicure. Students will receive Knowledge in the Anatomy of the Foot and Leg and Disorders of the Foot and Nail. Students will learn how to perform treatments, foot massage and removal of callous

Physiology and anatomy of the foot techniques and use of implements, Removal of callous and corns, Lower leg massage, Disorders, Basic pedicure, French pedicure, Spa pedicure, Cool mask treatment, Paraffin pedicure, Hot stone

Professional Make-up Artistry – 21 hours

This Course emphasizes techniques and practical applications. Color theory, eye make-up techniques, contouring, corrective techniques, lip enhancement are all including. Make-up application for day, evening and bridal techniques.

Color theory, Tools of the trade, Specialty application for the eyes, Contouring of the face, Lip correction techniques, Diminishing techniques for lines, wrinkles and scars, Different foundation choices, Eyelash and eyebrow tinting, Artificial lashes, Day make-up, Evening make-up, Bridal make-up, Runaway make-up, Fantasy make-up, photography make-up, smoky eyes.

Body Therapy  – 21 hours

This course will provide the student with intense training and massage techniques for relaxation massage.  This course teaches the anatomy and physiology of the back as well as the body systems and how massage is beneficial to overall body health.  We will provide knowledge on the classic massage movements (i.e.: Effleurage, Petrissage and Tapotement and cleansing techniques).  The course also teaches the students how to perform body wraps and introduction to cellulite treatments. Student will learn how to massage other parts of the body (stomach, legs, front & back, arms, hands and scalp).

Basic Barbering for Haircuts – 35 Hours

Fades, Shaves and Blending. Barbering equipment and care/handling. Sanitization. Customer consultation

Fade Fundamentals – 7 hour

Intensive workshop to address Fade fundamentals, Low Fade, Medium Fade and Advanced Fades. Head structure and analysis. How to combine styles to create infinite variations. How to get rid of the line. Blend techniques. Hairline details to compliment the face. Zero skin Fade. Avoiding unforgiving mistakes. Effective use of the barbering tools. Models are required. Hair cutting experience required.

Facial and Head Shaves – 7 hours

Service and Shaving fundamentals. Use of safety razor, straight razor and shaver. Sanitization, disinfection, health and safety. Steps for service execution and shaving fundamentals. Face and Head shaves. Includes practice exercises with straight razor and safety razor. Models are required.

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